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Mother Goose & Grimm FAQ

How do I purchase an original or a copy of a strip?

If you are interested in owning an original Mother Goose & Grimm or Mike Peters Editorial, contact Marci at MG&G daily cartoons are approximately 11.5" X 4" and cost $750.00; MG&G Sunday cartoons are approximately 17" X 6" and cost $850.00; Mike's editorials vary in size but are approximately 10" X 7" and cost $750.00. These originals are unframed and in black and white. They will ship Fedex. Remember, original cartoons are subject to availability.

On the other hand, we also offer Private Copies of the strips. These are copies of the original cartoon strips which are personally signed by Mike. MG&G daily cartoons are approximately 11.5" X 4" and cost $150.00 unframed; MG&G Sunday cartoons are approximately 13" X 4.5 " and cost $150.00 unframed; Private Copies of Mike's editorials vary in size but are approximately 10" X 7" and cost $150.00unframed. These are black and white and unframed. To expedite your request simply mail your check or money order payable to Grimmy Inc. to:

Grimmy, Inc.
P.O. Box 6846
Snowmass Village, CO 81615

Don't forget to include:

date or approx.
copy of the cartoon if possible
a brief description
to whom and how you would like it personalized
full mailing address
Please allow 2-4 week's delivery of Private Copies, longer for originals.

Can I reprint a cartoon by Mike Peters?

To request a reprint of a Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip or a Mike Peters editorial, complete the Permissions & Reprint Rights form provided by King Features Syndicate.

Additionally you may contact Susan White or Scott Olsen at King Features Syndicate/Reed Brennan Media Assoc. and follow these instructions:

Send a written request, either by FAX, mail or e-mail.
Include the strip that you wish to reprint and the date of publication/release of the strip.
Briefly describe how you plan to reprint or use the strip.
Briefly describe your publication, company.
Give us your circulation, number of copies, print run or distribution numbers.
If you are a book publisher, give the rights needed (North America, World, etc.).
If you need a camera-ready copy of the comic strip, send the publication date (month, day, year) along with your request.
Include the date that you need the permission by.

Susan White
Permissions Department
King Features Syndicate
800-708-7311 ext. 246
407-894-7300 ext. 246
407-894-9768 Fax

Scott Olsen
Permissions Department
King Features Syndicate
800-708-7311 ext 245
407- 894-7300 ext. 245
407-894-9768 Fax

How can I get Mother Goose & Grimm in my local paper?

Sometimes this will happen and we appreciate our fans alerting us when it does. Write to the Cartoon Editor of your paper and request that "Mother Goose & Grimm" be printed in the Funnies Section. Also, call KING FEATURES SYNDICATE at 1-800-526-KING x 4110 with your request.

What does Mike use to draw his cartoons?

Mike uses a variety of pens and brushes when he draws. The thicker lines are made by a combination of Calligraphic and Sharpie pens as well as ink and brush. The crosshatching he likes to do with 2 sizes of Pilot Precise V5 and V7 plus Pentel Rolling Ball Writer and MaxMark X-Fine. He draws the comic strips on Strathmore Smooth Plate Surface and the editorials on 80# cardstock paper.


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